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Alexander Sukhorukow WWPCM World Web Playing Card Museum

Alexander Sukhorukov is a Russian bridge player and promoter since 1975, editor and publisher of the magazine "Bridge in Russia", cards collector since more than 20 years. Now he's the director of the World Web Playing Card Museum with a phantastic internet-site, constantly growing.
We became aquainted with Alexander around 2004, we with a young Tarot history page and him with a collection of 2500 decks in the web, building his WWPCM. Now, 2010, it are about 11400, from these 6595 full decks and others fragments, totally 570.000 cards. Thanks to a friendly cooperation between Alexander and since 2004 it's possible to show Alexander's treasures also at our site.

It seems to be worldwide the greatest engagement in the web in this topic .. surely established playing card museums have some more cards, but the possibility to show them them all hardly exist.

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Alexander Sukhorukov


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