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Alexandre Pinchart

Alexandre Pinchart researched material to the court in Brabant in 14th century, between his larger studies he also published a smaller text to the playing card development at the Brabant court in 14th century (1870).


  • Alexandre Pinchart: Pinchart, Alexandre Recherches sur les cartes a jouer et sur leur fabrication en Belgique depuis l'annee 1379 jusqu'a la fin du XVIIIe siecle. (Brussels, 1870), text in French. 53pp. Unillustrated.
    The text is now online.
    Of special interest is the report to Playing Cards in Brabant 1379-1483 (p. 5-9), and the lists of the Master card makers in Tournai since 1427 (p. 18-20).
  • Alexandre Pinchart, La cour de Jeanne et de Wenceslas et les arts en Brabant, pendant la seconde moitié du XIVe siècle, in Revue trimestrielle 2 (1855), part 2, p. 5-31 and Revue trimestrielle 4 (1857), part 1, p. 25-67.
  • Pinchart, Alexandre Joseph: Archives des arts, sciences et lettres, Documents inédits, series I, 3 vols. Ghent 1860-61

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