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Andrea Vitali

Graduated in classical studies at the University of Bologna, Andrea Vitali founded in 1986 the Cultural Association called "Le Tarot", composed of University teachers and experts in historical and scientific disciplines. As President of the Association, he personally took care and organized the plans of the most important exhibitions held in Italy about the symbolic universe of the Tarots (venues: Ferrara, Rome, Turin, Bologna and Catania). Contributions to these exhibitions did come from several very important museums in the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, the National Gallery of Art - Washington, the Graphische Sammlung Albertina - Vienna, the Galleria degli Uffizi - Firenze and many other international Institutions.

As an iconologist and medievalist, Andrea Vitali published several essays about the simbology and allegorical iconography of the Renaissance Tarots, that were published on the exhibition catalogues "Tarots. Cards at the Court: fun and magic at the court of the Estensi" (Ferrara, 1987) and "Tarots: Art and Magic" (Bologna, 1994). Other essay and scientific contributions he wrote have been published by Edizioni Electa , Le Tarot and Il Meneghello.

During the years, the Association "Le Tarot" did collect a remarkable quantity of works about the origin of the Triumphs and the history of the Tarots in general, and these works have been exhibited in Italy in several events. They mainly include ancient prints and books, miniated cards, tarot cards, manuscripts and related objects. Now the Association "Le Tarot" is interested in exporting abroad, in form of exhibitions, this wealth about the history and the symbolism of the Tarots. The exhibition is under the sponsorship of the Ministry for the Cultural Affairs and Institutes of the Italian Government.

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Michael Dummett and Andrea Vitali at the exhibition in Ferrara 1987/1988

Tarot researcher
Sir Michael Dummett and Andrea Vitali
at the exhibition in Ferrara 1987/88

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