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Arthur M. Hind (1880-1957)

Arthur M. Hind published a standard work about Italian engraving, Early Italian engraving : a critical catalogue with complete reproduction of all the prints described, London 1938-1948, in which beside many other objects he also focused the socalled Mantegna Tarocchi and the Sola-Busca-Tarocchi, still presenting the basic research to these objects. As art historian and wide accepted expert Hind worked on many other connected fields (engraving, printing) with other publications.
Hind gave by his research birth to the farspread accepted assumption, that the socalled Mantegna Tarocchi was produced ca. 1465, based on the facts, that some of the used motifs appear in other productions 1467 and 1468. Contradicting I argument, that a few existing motifs cannot give evidence for the existence of 50 motifs, instead I read in the facts, that somebody unknown used by private choice existing motifs of the time and formed on the base of this collection the complete set with 50 motifs. The suspicion for this activity is on Ludovico Lazzarelli, who according to some old notes found some of the Mantegna Tarocchi motifs in a Venetian book-store - after 1465.

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