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Claudio Carvalho

Cláudio Carvalho lives as an artist in Rio de Janeiro. He engages in spreading uptodate informations about Tarot history in Brazilian Portuguese. In this activity he cooperates with He is married to Lília Palmeira, also an artist. She participates in Cláudio's projects.

Cláudio describes his interests at an English blog: "The SOCIEDADE LAMATRONIKA® was founded by Cláudio Carvalho and Lília Palmeira with the proposal to develop and disseminate the work of scholars and artists from various artistic ways to it connected. This group of people develop serious work focusing integrate the Art and Science composing a single framework of creative energy which merges to current moment upon Earth expressing so a new cosmovision through those ways of creative manifestation - scientific, artistic and cultural. Our work, therefore, is a return to the Unit here and now; an attempt in order to rescue the Genuine Gnosis, the search for self-knowledge in the daily practice. We are not an education group, nor will the creation of a religious order, college of initiation or any institution organized. Do not say we came from or indicate which is the best way. This task has been from individual character. Our goal is to provide just one more vehicle."

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Cláudio Carvalho

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