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Dieter Maas

Yes, what is there to say about me? From education i am an MD, a physician. For decades i was involved with and fascinated by chinese medicine. As a physician i worked last in addiction treatment and rehab, and since several years i am involved with communication and the influence of belief systems on all aspects of our lifes. We become, what we think. What i always and invain was looking for and was missing in medicine, i finally found in the psycho-energetic techniques, that derive themselves from the work of Roger Callahan and in the non-diective and non-judgemental and loving attitude and way of questioning, that i found in the Option Dialogue.
I have a son and i am not married, and my life was and is a search for happiness, fulfillment and also for a life task, a work, that is right for me.

Dieter Maas has nothing to do with Tarot and Playing Cards at all, he's just a friend at the right place and time to help in technical problems, worthful cause some of his personal genious talents to keep ways quick and short. Thanks.

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