Tree in Ehrenfeld

The tree in Ehrenfeld has a difficult life. With much old industry and nearly 10.000 inhabitants/qm there is not much place for them. The traffic knot at Venloer Str. / Gürtel sees each day 10.000's of passing persons as car drivers, walking passants, bicyclists, users of the tram Nr. 13, which runs avove and users of the tube below in the lines 3 or 4. In the background one can see the passing trains of the railroad via westwards in direction to Aachen and the station of Köln-Ehrenfeld, and behind the bridge is another tram, Nr. 5. Around the place there is a multitude of shops and one can observe much persons shopping, waiting for the trams, talking to each other in many languages, cause Ehrenfeld is an international place with people from many countries.