At the rauilway brige corssing the Venoer Strasse you find a commemorative plaque for the members of the Ehrenfelder Edelweisspiraten, a resistance group of youths during the time of WWII.
"Here at this place at the 25th of October 1944 eleven citizens of Poland and the UdSSR, which were displaced by the NS-regime, and at the 10th of November 1944 thirteen Germans - between them youthful Edelweisspiraten - were hanged publicly by Gestapo and SS without judgment.
The group was rehabilitated very late, mainly by the activities of an earlier member of the group, Jean Jülich, the public acceptance as resistance fighter followed as late as 2005. In the same year the story of the Edelweisspiraten was picturised in a movie. die offizielle