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Franz Braun

Franz Braun is a Playing Card collector in Cologne, Germany, with a proud collection of more than 11.000 decks. Already since 1964, 45 ago, he offers as trader playing cards and playing card literature, and is with this probably the oldest in this business. Since 1984 he authored a series of texts (Braun: Schriftenreihe "Spielkarten") mostly about playing card development in Germany, 19th/20th century, often connected to the card producers of this time. For his enduring activities he got 1990 the Modiano price, and he became honorary member of the IPCS (International Playing Card Society).
With his work "Köln und seine Spielkarten-Hersteller" he laid a solid foundation for our German language project Tarot und Trionfi in Köln. Although Franz Braun has reached already the age of 85 years (2009), he realised short time ago a private website, at which he presents not only his collector activities, but also his other private pleasure, the arrangement of personal magic shows.
Many thanks for some practical help.

Franz Braun: Schriftenreihe "Spielkarten"

  1. Die Altenburger Kriegsspielkarten im 1.Weltkrieg
  2. Die Spielkarten in der DDR
  3. Köln und seine Spielkarten-Hersteller
  4. Die Spielkartenfabrik B. Dondorf
  5. Die Spielkartenfabrik Piatnik in Budapest
  6. Die Spielkarten in Schweden 1892 - 1992
  7. Die Bielefelder Spielkarten-Fabrik
  8. Die Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken
  9. Die Spielkarten aus Nürnberg
  10. Der 1. Weltkrieg auf Spielkarten *
  11. Spielkartenhersteller zwischen den Weltkriegen *
  12. Die Spielkartenfabriken "Trumpf" und "Flemming-Wiskott" *
  13. Die Berliner Spielkarten GmbH
  14. Spielkarten aus und für Russland
  15. ASS nach 1945
  16. Vom Baltikum zum Balkan
* in preparation

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Franz Braun

A still unfinished project
of Franz Braun is his report about
"Spielkartenhersteller zwischen den Weltkriegen"
(Playing Card Producers
between the World Wars)

Josef Stalin", Germany, 1943

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