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Gherardo Ortalli

Gherardo Ortalli is installed as a professor of medieval history at the University of Venice since the year 1973. As a small part of his many activities he is involved as direttore in the production of "Ludica. Annali di storia e civiltą del gioco", a yearly magazine about games and gambling in history. In this function Gherardo Ortalli published in Ludica 2 in 1996 the essay "The Prince and the playing cards. The Este family and the role of courts at the time of the 'Kartenspiel-Invasion'", which focussed on the history of the Trionfi development in 15th century.

This article had been of high value in the starting phase of, it deeply influenced our work about the Ferrarese court and our collection of the Trionfi notes. Many thanks.

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