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Giordano Berti

Giordano Berti is an Italian writer and teacher on History of Art. He is author of many books about different argouments on History of Esotericism in his relationship with Art (magic, divination, witchcraft, alchemy, astrology, heresies, gnosticism, heaven and hell). Some of Berti's books are translated in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Japanese.

Berti is President and co-founder of the Istituto Graf, (Bologna, Italy), an association dedicated to the research on the Arts and Folklore and organisation of Art and History exhibitions. His experience and reputation as a Tarot Historian is renown worldwide. So, Berti is consultant for one of the most famous Tarot editors: Lo Scarabeo (Torino, Italy).


Together with Prof. Andrea Vitali, president of the Associazione Le Tarot (Faenza, Italy), Berti organized various exhibitions on the History of Tarot, which were successful at national and international levels:
  • Este Castle of Ferrara (from December 1987 to February 1988),
  • City Archeological Museum of Bologna (December 1994),
  • National Museum of Castel S. Angelo (Rome, March 1995),
  • Barolo Palace of Turin (April 1997).
Together with Prof. Vitali, Berti published some important catalogues:
  • Tarocchi. Gioco e magia alla Corte degli Estensi (Bologna, Nuova Alfa Editorale, 1987)
  • Tarocchi. Le carte del destino (Faenza, Edizioni Le Tarot, 1988)
  • Tarocchi. Arte e Magia (Faenza, Edizioni Le Tarot, 1994).
In addition to the Tarot exhibition catalogues, Berti published a lot of studies on Tarot and Card games History. Berti wrote, also, numerous reviews on Tarot of modern artists and himself invented new Tarot decks realized by Italian artists. He is guest in international symposium and conferences about History of Magic, Tarot Art and Tarot esotericism.

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