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Henry-Rene-d'Allemagne (1863 - 1950)

Henry-Rene d'Allemagne published 1906 a "major and rare work on the history of playing cards with 3200 reproductions of cards". Apart from this he was an almost very active writer in more than one topic. His work to old playing cards established a basic research about French playing cards.
Allemagne reported the note to 1337 Marseille and had the opinion, that it was a true document for playing cards. He reported the entry from 1430 to Savoy. He created a great list with French playing card producers and many other things.

(From Fanch Guillemin: An illustrated history of White Magic: "In his work about card playing, 1905, Henry René d'Allemagne, gives us an extraordinary extract of an official letter of 1408, informing King Charles VI of an incident of cheating at cards. A certain Colin Charles and six accomplices had invited a naive Breton merchant passing through Paris to join them. After more than a few drinks together, they proposed a game which entailed guessing which card had been selected. Playing at first for nothing, the merchant achieved this effortlessly, thanks to a distinguishing scratch he had noticed on the back of the card in question. Thus baited, he placed a bet of 22 ecus and turned up the scratched card. This time it was unfortunately not the right one. The trickster had skillfully switched the card for another which had a similar scratch. After the victim had lodged a formal complaint, the swindlers were arrested, conducted to the prison of Châtelet, placed under questioning and put in the stocks. It was not always fun to cheat at this epoch ! "Pierre de Savoye had already been condemned for cheating in March 1386. He was sentenced to have one ear and three fingers of the right hand severed*. And in 1436, Pierre Filliardot and Monet Faure, identified as card crooks and loaded dice players, were banished with their cards hung round their necks..." (J.M. Melh.)"


  • Henry-Rene d'Allemagne: Les cartes a jouer du XIV au XX siecle. Ouvrage contenant 3200 reproduction de cartes dont 956 en couleur, 12 planches hors texte coloriees a l'aquarelle, 25 phototypies, 116... Paris, Librairie Hachette et cie, 1906
    Faksimile-Reprint: Arnaldo Forni, Bologna, 1975
  • Henry René D'Allemagne: Les Jouets à la World's fair en 1904 à Saint-Louis (U-S) et l'Histoire de la Corporation des fabricants de Jouets en France. Paris, chez l'auteur, 1908. X + 83 p. - Jeux, jouets, physique amusante, jeux optiques. Nombreuses illustrations in et hors-texte : vignettes, 12 planches en couleur de modèles de jouets, tirés d'albums de fabricants de jouets ; 6 planches de jeux d'enfants ; et 5 planches représentant les jouets de la collection personnelle de M. Henry d'Allemagne.
  • Henry René D'Allemagne: Du Khorassan au pays des Backhtiaris : trois mois de voyage en Perse. Paris : Hachette. 1911
  • Henry René D'Allemagne: Decorative Antique Ironwork Reprint by Dover Books. ISBN 0-486-22082-6, originally printed in 1924 in France as a museum catalog. A picture book of medieval and renaissance era ironwork and hardware.
  • Henry René D'Allemagne: Les Accessories Du Costume et Du Mobilier , Paris 1928
  • Henry René D'Allemagne: Les saint-simoniens, 1827-1837 Preface de Mon Charlety. Ouvrage contenant 15 illustrations dans le texte et 55 planches hors tcouleur. Paris, Grund, 1930.
  • Henry René D'Allemagne: Enfantin, Barthélémy Prosper - Prosper Enfantin et les grandes entreprises du XIXe siècle. La colonisation d'Algérie. La création du réseau P.L.M. Le percement de l'Isthme de Suez. Le crédit intellectuel. Le Crédit foncier. Enfantin homme politique. Paris, Gründ 1935.
  • Henry René D'Allemagne:Le noble jeu de l'oie en France, de 1640 à 1950. Quarante-huit tableaux et notices. La vie quotidienne à Paris de 1820 à 1824 d'après les lithographies de Marlet et de Carle Vernet. Préface de Guillaume Janneau. Ouvrage comprenant quarante-huit gravures hors texte dont neuf en couleurs et cent dix illustrations dans le texte. (Dessin de Jean Kerhor). Paris, Librairie Gründ, 1950
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