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Jean-Claude Flornoy

Jean-Claude Flornoy is a cartier-enlumineur and artisan d?art who has devoted 20 years to the study of tarot. In 1996 he undertook the restoration of the tarot of Nicolas Conver (Marseille, 1760), painting each arcane on giant canvases (220 cm by 110 cm). His aim was to faithfully bring this traditional imagery back to (larger than) life in all its original freshness. He then progressed to large-sized versions of other historic tarots derived from originals preserved in the BibliothËque Nationale in Paris: Jean Noblet (Paris, c. 1650), Jean Dodal (Lyon, 1701) and a number of trumps from Jacques ViÈville (Paris, c. 1650).
It was in spending the necessary weeks on each outsized arcane that he was able to come to 'understand' the way the images are operative in themselves. He regularly transports these large canvases for exhibitions, and proposes conference-workshops in a variety of tarot-related contexts.

The next step was to publish, in traditional hand stencil-coloured versions, the 22 trumps of the tarots of Jean Noblet and of Jean Dodal. These are intended to correspond in every respect as closely as possible to what they resembled when new.

In a step away from artisan productions, but moving old tarots closer to a wider audience, an industrial, Complete Jean Noblet Tarot, was published in June 2007.

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