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Jean Michel David

Jean-Michel David's main focus of research is on Marseille deck depictions and its specific iconography. Main areas of research and interest have included, on the one hand, paying particular attention to similarities between Marseille style imagery and late mediaeval French Lumiere ('Gothic') Cathedral stone carvings, especially as found in the northern French cities of Amiens, Reims, Paris, Chartres and Strassbourg; and on the other with possible crypto-Jewish and Huguenot influences from southern France Marseille pattern stabilisation.

He is the author of Reading the Marseille Tarot, and has edited and published, on behalf of the former Association for Tarot Studies [ATS] (for which he was a founding member), books on tarot poetry by Shane Kendal, on the History of the Waite-Smith Tarot by Frank Jensen, and republished Robert O'Neill's Tarot Symbolism. He is the owner and founder of the online Encyclopedia of Tarot (Tarotpedia), and has also maintained a Tarot Newsletter whose article archive is accessible online, and has co-ordinated the ATS's 2005 International Tarot Conference as well as its annual conferences held in Australia and France.


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