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Mary Greer

Mary K. Greer is a popular author of Tarot books, likely best known for "Tarot for Your Self. A Workbook for Personal Transformation", with a second edition in 2002. One of her books "Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses. Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses? - Biography & Autobiography" (1995)( Review ) presented the biographies of Maud Gonne (the love of Yeats' life and a fighter for Irish independence), Moina Bergson Mathers (sister of Henri Bergson and wife of McGregor Mathers), Annie Horniman (a London tea-heiress who sponsored the early Golden Dawn) and Florence Farr (actress and writer, friend of Yeats and lover of G. B. Shaw).
Since the beginning of Internet Mary Greer participated in the field of Tarot History, well known at the relevant talking places, first in alt.tarot, later at TarotL and in Tarot History Forum of Aeclectic. One of her best contributions in the web is surely "A Timeline of the Occult and Divinatory Tarot from 1750 to 1980". Actually (2009) Mary offers a blog, often related to topics of Tarot History.

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