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Mary Shillito / Assan-Dina

Mary Wallace Schillito (1876 - 1938) and later also Assan Faride Dina (1871-1928) builded 1907 - 1917 the Château des Avenières at Mont Salève near Genève, which by the change of time nowadays became a hotel. The attractive building contains a chapel of Tarot, showing all 22 major Arcana at mosaic frescoes. The object might be seen as the 2-dimensional forerunner of the 3-dimensional objects in the garden of Tarocchi of Niki de Saint-Phalle.

One of the pages of the hotel offers a short overview of the fabulous story of the pair (a melancholic rich heiress sponsors a group of bohemians with far developed esoterical interests), far more material is given with many pictures by the domain
The chapel had been rather unkown till recently, the information about it came to us by Adam McLean.

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