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Olympic Tarot (3) - a first story - additions

Looking at the top of the life-tree of the first story:

3 Erinyen
3 Hecatonchiren
"100 arms"
3 Cyclopes

The early heaven (= fire) - earth - ocean (= water) - model is repeated in

Gaia = earth has children with Uranos (= heaven, fire) and Pontos (= ocean, water). Gaia is the central figure.

Also it is repeated in the 3 sons of Kronos:

It's the Greek basic triade. Thales - the very first Greek philosoph, is known for the consideration, that "earth swims on the water", a natural idea, if one is a Greek, very well informed about the existence of enough islands and used to the appearance of earth-quakes. So the Greek model of the world puts: