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Oswald Wirth (1860 - 1943)

OSWALD WIRTH, being a young artist from Swiss with interests in freemasonry, met Stanislas de Guaita in spring 1887 and was influenced by him to restore the "22 Arcana of Tarot to their hieroglyphic purity", fulfilling an earlier idea of Eliphas Levi. Wirth followed the instructions of Guaita and completed the deck in 1889, which was printed in a limited edition of 350 pieces. The deck accompanied Papus' book Le Tarot des Bohemians, which appeared in the same year. Wirth improved his version, but this was published many years later, in 1926, long after Guaita's death. Wirth's cards carried Hebrew letters. Wirth wrote some books and became later a leading freemason in France.


  • The Tarot of the Magicians. Oswald Wirth 1927. First published in Paris in 1927 under the original title Le Tarot, des Imagiers du Moyen Age, translated by Richard Gardner and Diana Faber, published 1990 by Samuel Weiser Inc Box 612 York Beach Maine 13910.

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