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Romain Merlin (1793 - 1876)

A short biography of Romain Merlin appeared in "Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science: Volume 17" by Allen Kent, Harold Lancour, Jay E. Daily (Online edition). According this Merlin was the son of a bookseller, was himself a bookseller and engaged in his later life in remarkable way for French libraries. In 1855 he appeared in a context of "calligraphy, engraving, playing cards, binding and registers". In a private edition he published 1860 his work about playing cards. The official editions are from 1869. The work shows a big catalog of pictures, often not very careful reproductions of the originals according the technical possibilities of the time. Nonetheless it's a big treasure.

Origine des cartes à jouer : recherches nouvelles sur les naibis, les tarots et sur les autres espèces de cartes... / Romain Merlin, Paris 1869
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Merlin had in his collection some
pictures of the Boiardo Tarocchi,
but didn't realize their true origin.
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