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Ross Gregory Caldwell

Ross Gregory Caldwell is a major contributor to with many articles. We became acquainted with each other in December 2002 and agreed in specific considerations regarding the 5x14-theory. Ross fabulous qualities in various languages (surely a weak point of myself) made our teamwork from that time on rather successful, also his love to the libraries and old texts and good references played a major role (other weak points of mine). In March 2003 Ross discovered the 14 figure note of the 1st of January 1441 in the Franceschini text determined many of our researches of the recent past - nowadays we guess with some confidence, that it is really a note which reflects early Trionfi card history, perhaps the first real after the general notes of Martiano da Tortona. Other detections followed and there are too much to mention them individually.
A major contribution (between countless smaller points) was his translation of the Martiano da Tortona text and of the letter of Jacopo Antonio Marcello.
In 2010 Ross Caldwell published together with Marco Ponzi and Thierry Depaulis Explaining the Tarot - Two Italian Renaissance Essays on the Meaning of the Tarot Pack.
With thanks for many interesting dialogs and exchanges and some good humor between.

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