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Rudolf von Leyden

Rudolf von Leyden (* 8 August, 1908, Berlin, + 25 March, 1983, Vienna) travelled to India as a geologist. Pursuing his artistic inclinations he founded the "Leyden Commercial Art Studio" and remained employed in Indian enterprises for 40 years. He left the Museum a "world of Indian playcards". (source: Museum of Ethnology Vienna).
In the years 1977-1979 he was president of the International Playing Card Society in London.

In a combined edition together with a facsimile deck of the card painter Hans Forster (1573) the 55 page booklet by Rudolf von Leyden about the game of Karnöffel in English and German was published by the Heimeran Verlag, Vienna, in 1978. The text of van Leyden is variously cited as best source about the game Karnöffel.

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Rudolf von Leyden appears variously in our articles to the theme Karnöffel (compare our work to the Imperatori cards (including Karnöffel)

Rudolf van Leyden organised exhibitions and published variously about Ganjifah, Indian Playing Cards:

  • LEYDEN, Rudolf von, Indische Spielkarten, Deutsches Spielkarten-Museum, 1977
  • LEYDEN, Rudolf von, Die Welt der Indischen Spielkarten, Wilhelm Braumüller, 1981
  • LEYDEN, Rudolf von, Ganjifa, the playing cards of India, Victoria & Albert Museum, 1982

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