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Baron Kenneth McKenzie Clark(1903 - 1983)

Kenneth Clark, also Sir Kenneth Clark, British art historian and critic, contributed with a short reader's letter to an article of Georg Gombosi in the Burlington Magazine 1933 and generated with this the Angelo-Parrasio-hypothesis as explanation for the question of the unknown engraver of the Mantegna Tarocchi. Born from rich parents and educated at Oxford he became Director of the National Gallery in London (1935 - 1945), later successful book author in the theme renaissance art and producer of a rather popular television series about civilisation. Cause of his TV engagement Clark is called "the most famous art historian of his generation", nicknamed also "Lord Clark of Civilization".

The hypothesis of Clark was indirectly contradicted by Arthur M. Hind in 1938. In recent time Murray Menzies revived the opinion of Kenneth Clark at an Internet site, the Lazzarelli-hypothesis of contradicts this interpretation.


Between many others to Leonardo da Vinci (1939), Landscape into Art (1949), Piero della Francesca (1951), The Nude (1956) and Rembrandt and the Italian Renaissance (1966)

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