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Thierry Depaulis

Thierry Depaulis describes himself at his own website (see link below) as "(born 1949 in Bordeaux), prepress manager and editor, studies in History (Bordeaux University), game and playing-card collector, independant game historian mostly interested in "mind" games. Honorary Fellow of the International Playing-Card Society and member of the Council, winner of the 1992 Modiano Prize (for his publications on the history of playing cards and card games), Secretary General of "Le Vieux Papier", a society devoted to the study of ephemera and other popular prints."

Probably Thierry Depaulis might be considered as the leading French playing card researcher. Various Publications are noted at his website, especially remarkable is his contribution to "A Wicked Pack of Cards" in the teamwork of Decker, Dummett & Depaulis.

In 2010 Thierry Depaulis published together with Ross Caldwell and Marco Ponzi Explaining the Tarot - Two Italian Renaissance Essays on the Meaning of the Tarot Pack.

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