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Wilhelm Ludwig Schreiber (1855 - 1932)

Schreiber's text to playing cards, published posthumous in 1937, was to him only a side-path. Although it is only a rather short book, it's full of worthful details, otherwise often unknown. It got my full admiration.


  • Wilhelm Ludwig Schreiber: Die šltesten Spielkarten und die auf das Kartenspiel Bezug habenden Urkunden des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts, Strassburg: J.H.E. Heitz, 1937, xii, 176 p.
  • Wilhelm Ludwig Schreiber: Handbuch der Holz- und Metallschnitte des XV. Jahrhunderts, 9 volumes (1926 - 1929)
  • Various other publications to woodcut and engraving on experts level

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