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William Hughes Willshire (1816-1899)

William Hughes Willshire , a physician and collector of prints and books, published 1876 about the playing card collection in the British Museum. The book contains about 520 pages with some playing card representations and a history of the playing cards (about 50 pages). The Mantegna Tarocchi is handled at p. 65-76, the Sola-Busca-Tarocchi at p. 77-78.
Other Publication by the same author:
  • An Introduction to the Study and Collection of Ancient Prints. 2 Volumes (Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Ellis & White, London 1877). "A meticulously etched and detailed study outlining the varieties of engraving, the many schools of this craft, sale and commerce, fashions in collecting etc." With Appendix. { Vol.I. Xx, 373pp. Vol.II. Viii, 305pp.].

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